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BMS Engineering Services specializes in producing detailed reinforcement shop drawings, Dimensional drawings, Bar Bending Schedules and Bar list in Customized Formats that follow clients customized standards while maintaining the guidelines set by ACI,CRSI,RSIC,BS and AASHTO.

When you employ the services of BMS Engineering Services, you can look forward to:

  • Consistent communication with an experienced staff to produce on-time results
  • Ability to provide detailed drawing Formats in:  PDF, DWG, DWF & PLT
  • Ability to provide production file Reports in: ASA, Soule(SLE), Pinnacle(PIN), Romac (ROM), Canada Wide(WID), ARMA+(CSF), Shear 97, RMS (CDI) & TSV
  • FTP & Drop Box access for convenient, secure information transfer of large files
  • Working with an organization whose top management has more than Ten years of Reinforcement detailing industry experience
  • Drawings produced in Imperial or Metric measurement formats
  • High Quality on time detailing shop drawings that can be easily understood by placers/ iron workers

For further information, please Contact Us.

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