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BMS Engineering Services began providing their services in 2012. The secret of our success is the winning combination of experienced project managers, well trained detailers and using latest technologies.

We are committed to our clients success, working diligently to provide quality in every project we are a part of. We strive to be a valuable resource to the construction industry, providing our services at competitive prices.

What makes BMS Engineering Services unique is our depth of knowledge in the subject of concrete reinforcement. Most detailers know and understand the engineering requirement or reinforcement. Here at BMS Engineering Services we know also the process of fabrication and installation and how all of this fits into the Construction Process.

Achieving Quality

  • A combination of the right People, the Tools, the Experience and Knowledge
  • In-house managed FTP site
  • Using latest Cloud technologies like Drop Box for documents sharing.
  • Experience and capacity to meet aggressive schedules
  • Ongoing in-house training for the staff

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